Stars of the Week Friday 10th November 2017


Romanie – for putting so much time and effort into everything she does

Sam – for building on his learning and showing high levels of motivation

Reader of the weekFreddy


Year 1

George – for a huge improvement in his handwriting this week

Harriet – Brilliant adding in maths this week

Reader of the week Leona


Year 2

William – excellent work in his reading lessons this week!

Charlie – for writing a brilliant persuasive letter this week. Well done for remembering to use a question mark to mark your questions.

Reader of the week– Amelia – enjoying learning from her independent reading books.


Class 2

Matilda- for thinking of some super descriptive words to describe a character from a myth.

Harvey- for super work in Maths this week, always keen to have a go and share his ideas.

Aden- for super work in English, using descriptive language to describe a character from a myth.

Korey- for helping his friends during Maths, sharing his knowledge to support others.

Reader of the week Tristan


Class 3

Harry – for excellent work in Literacy this week using commas correctly.

Poppy NK – for super effort in Maths this week converting miles to km.

Keira – for a superb set of instructions in English this week.  Well done Keira.

Millie We – fabulous written responses in Guided Reading this week Millie.


Reader of the week – Ashelene