Stars of the Week Friday 1st December


Eloise – for eating really well at dinner time!

Aidan – for trying so hard in the Christmas play, remembering his lines and joining in with all of the songs.

Reader of the week– Imogen



Year 1

Leona – for trying so hard to be sensible and a good role model this week, keep it up Leona.

Finley – for trying so hard in the Christmas play, for learning his lines and singing so beautifully with a smile.

Reader of the week Emily


Year 2

Alfie – for writing a brilliant story about Paddington at Buckingham Palace with beautiful handwriting.

Tylor-Jay – for excellent effort in his reading, writing and spellings this week. Keep it up, Tylor-Jay!

Reader of the week– Lola A – for reading at home and remembering lots of facts to tell her teachers. Well done, Lola!


Class 2

Scarlett-  for writing a super piece of persuasive writing.

Tristan- for working hard to improve his handwriting this week.

Jayden M- for writing a super piece of persuasive writing to persuade Mrs Lawson to give him 3 raffle tickets.

Max- for having a much more positive attitude towards his work this week and enjoying what he has been doing.


Reader of the week– Lloyd


Class 3

Gemma for super effort when writing contrasting character descriptions.

Kiera – for an all-round super week.  100% effort.  Well done!

Charlie L – for his continuous effort in all areas of learning.  In particular, in reading comprehension this week.

Reader of the week Cole for great effort in Guided Reading mapping the buildup of fear before Scrooge is visited by Marley’s ghost.