Hannah – for trying so hard in her maths.

Freddie – for amazing maths this week!

Reader of the week– Alfie


Year 1

Maisie – for always being a fantastic sensible role model.

Harriet – for trying so hard in all of her lessons and producing amazing work as a result.

Reader of the week– Emily


Year 2

Amelia – for reading with beautiful expression in her Guided Reading lessons.

Stanley – for trying really hard with the fractions challenges in maths.

Reader of the week – Lola A for reading and practicing her spellings at home.


Class 2

Matilda – for excellent poetry writing and performance.

James – an excellent member of Class 2. Always hardworking and sensible.

Alisha – for always being kind and helpful.

Millie – for working hard all week.


Reader of the week– Tristan


Class 3

Olivia – fabulous effort in maths finding equivalents of fractions, decimals and percentages.

Cole – for your carefully chosen vocabulary for your Big Write based on Jim’s diary entry.

Millie H – for super effort across all areas of the curriculum.

Alex – for fantastic acting during our drama session in literacy this week.  Your actions were excellent and you were very sensible.


Reader of the Week Jacob Bu