Not long now before we set off on our PGL adventure.  To help you get organised over the Easter holidays, please find a copy of the activity clothing checklist below that was sent out earlier this term.  Enjoy the Easter holidays!

General Guidelines:

Long hair:

For most activities we’ll ask that long hair is tied back, please bring a bobble or similar with you.


We will ask that all jewellery is removed prior to each activity.  If you can’t remove some items please let your Group Leader know as soon as possible.


Whilst fashionable this material isn’t the best for activities, it restricts movement, is heavy when wet and takes a long time to dry.  Please wear an alternative for daytime activities.


The majority of our activities require sturdy footwear that provides grip, support and protection.  Trainers or a sturdy flat shoe are best. Please avoid open toed shoes / sandals. Longer socks rather than trainer style are best too.


These aren’t suitable for watersports or off ground activities, please wear trainers or similar instead.

Dressing for the Weather:

Whether on site or off in the UK it’s best to be prepared!  If it’s sunny and / or dry you’ll need the following:  Suncream, Hat & Water Bottle.  At any other time a jacket or waterproofs will be handy!

 Ready for Action?

  • Dress comfortably.
  • Remember, some clothes might get muddy ** – please bring a black bin liner to put them in.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Avoid clothes with toggles and cords.


Activity Specifics:

Aeroball                                                            –           Long sleeves, trousers & socks.


All Off Ground / Ropes / Giant Swing Activities    –           Trousers or knee length shorts. Shoulders & midriffs covered.


Ball Sports & Games                                         –           Comfy clothes and trainers.


Fencing                                                            –           Long trousers.


Hikes and Walks**                                             –           Footwear you don’t mind getting muddy.


IE’s / Challenge Courses / Low Ropes**             –           Long sleeves & trousers.


Motorsports**                                                    –           Long sleeves & trousers. Ankle length socks


Mountain Biking**                                              –           Long sleeves & trousers.  Ankle length socks.


Orienteering                                                      –           Flat shoes.


Swimming & Aqua Fun                                      –           Swimwear, towel and goggles if required.


Target Sports                                                    –           Long sleeves.


Trampolining                                                     –           Long sleeves & trousers. Ankle length socks.


Tunnel Trail**                                                    –           Long sleeves & trousers.  Trainers or old shoes.


Watersports including Raft Building                    –           Hair tied back, shoes you don’t mind getting wet. No denim.


Dry Bags & Warm Clothing: Some centres may ask you to take warm, dry clothing and a towel with you when doing Watersports – your Group Leader will provide further details.


Please do not bring items such as mobile phones, any type of cameras (including disposables), computer games, ipads, tablets, personal stereos, expensive watches etc.

Please note: not all activities are available at every centre.