Class 2 – Our Autumn Learning

This term our topic is Ancient Egypt.

We will be looking at the achievements of the early civilisation of Ancient Egypt. We will start by looking at where Egypt is in the world and create timelines to place events into correct periods of time.  We will look at the importance of the Nile, learn about Ancient Egyptian farming methods creating Shaduf models. The children will learn about life in Ancient Egypt including the Pharoahs, the pyramids and a rather exciting lesson about mummification.  We will also look at how Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics as a means of writing and communication.

We are also hoping to arrange an exciting Egyptian workshop where the children can explore further.


In Science, our focus is on Electricity including electrical safety, constructing simple circuits and identifying conductors and insulators. The children will develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding.

This week the children investigated making circuits. The children were given the equipment and were set a challenge to make the light bulb light up. The children worked in pairs to explore how they could make the circuits.  We talked about how electrons travel around a circuit and that is important that there are no breaks in the circuit.  Look at some of the pictures in the Class 2 gallery.



This week we have been looking at how the ancient Egyptians farmed the land. We found out that they used a Shaduf to get the water from the Nile onto the fields. We designed our own shaduf models and then had a go at making a model using straws, a paper case and plasticine. The children had lots of fun trying to make their models stand up! The finished models were very impressive.




Ancient Egyptian Morning

On Tuesday 20th November, we arranged for the children in Class 2 to take part in an Ancient Egyptian morning. The children were transported back 3000 years into the past to experience life in Ancient Egypt. We had a mission to help Howard Carter, the famous Egyptologist, find the missing tomb of Queen Cleopatra.  During the morning, we watched an interactive show performed by Real History Alive with sounds and visuals to bring Egypt to life.  The children dressed up as Egyptian kings and queens and learned a wonderful Egyptian dance.  This was followed by a fun mummification workshop, which enhanced our learning on this topic.

Please have a look at the Class 2 gallery to see more photos from the morning.

We would like to thank Real History Alive for the amazing morning that we had and also FOWSA who funded this for the children.