Class 3 Info

Class 3 is a mixed age class from age nine to eleven. In addition to developing their Literacy and Numeracy skills every day, the pupils benefit from creative activities such as cooking, making parachutes and participating in themed days. All of these activities enhance their learning experiences and we try to do this through themed days or trips once every term, where possible.

Where possible cross curricular links further develop children’s progress and understanding. History may be used to better understand a story in Literacy and Numeracy could be used within a Design and Technology lesson.

A topic based approach ensures that children become involved in imaginative, inspiring and fun activities including:

  • Stone Age to Iron Age;
  • Rainforests;
  • Ancient Greeks;
  • Crime and punishment in British history; and
  • Natural disasters.

Class 3 has 14 computers which are used on a daily basis as part of whole class activities and on an individual basis. The children download still and moving images from the digital cameras, camcorders and iPads to support and enhance their learning. The latest educational software is used to make lessons interesting and relevant, the children become very competent with ICT. They are educated in the safe use of the Internet and emailing is used to connect with the wider world.

Homework is provided to consolidate learning and provides opportunities for children to extend their learning at home. In Class 3, the pupils have their own homework diary which can also be used to make notes and develop home/school links.

Pupils in Class 3 are encouraged to become independent with both their academic and social skills. They are expected to be more organised and be responsible for bringing their book bags, diaries, sport kit and homework to school as requested. This supports their transition to secondary school.