Class 3 – Our Autumn Learning

For the first half term, our topic is Stone Age to Iron Age.


We will be looking at how humans survived in the Stone Age and how they evolved into the Iron Age. We will study Skara Brae and what was found there, followed by studying copper mines, Stonehenge, Hill Forts and the Druids. The children will learn through discussion, group work, independent research and fun activities such as making their own television adverts and presentations.


In the second half term, our topic is Rainforests.


We will be looking at where the rainforests are in the world and what is special about them, then concentrating our study on Madagascar and French Guiana, which are two countries that are mostly covered in rainforest. This will lead onto learning about the animals and plants that live in rainforests and why deforestation can have devastating effects on habitats. Again, a lot of this will be done through discussion and debate, independent study and digital media.


In Science, our focuses are on Forces, followed by Evolution and Inheritance.