Foundation – Our Spring Learning

Following the children’s interests, our new topic this half term is ‘The Royal Wedding’

15/3/19 The children loved inviting the parents in for a royal ball.  The dancing was beautiful.

4/3/19 We have been enjoying a wonderful banquet this morning…

Our Topic this half term is ANIMALS… and some seem to have escaped in to our classroom!

08/02/19 Another busy week in Foundation!  We have been outside making some owl nests to make sure they get lots of sleep too.  We have learnt that sleep is important to keep us healthy!

01/02/19 We have been exploring pattern in maths this week.  We used the cubes to create repeating patterns, and then we designed our own animal prints using different repeating patterns!

25/01/19 We have spent the week looking at the Noah’s Ark story.  We have acted it out, written about it and built our own arks out of construction materials.  We all drew different animals to go on to the ark and we used the photocopier to get 2 exactly the same!

16/01/19 We have loved making our own clay animals…